Link Your Activision Account To Call Of Duty Mobile and Get Reward

The updated season 3, made a big difference with the experience of old gaming in 2019. With the start of COD Mobile in 2019, it was first made to be login with Facebook account. and now get Rewards by Linking  Activision Account To Call Of Duty Mobile

According to articles, many gamers made their Facebook Account for gaming in COD Mobile in 2019. The issue of login was reported and was taken underworld and this year the Activision Team Featured, log in with Activation Account.

As regular gamers have Activision account actively working. If new gamers are interested in creating Activision Account, the following steps could be followed to make one without the hassle :

  1. Open Activision Official Website
  2. Choose your device
  3. Under the Sign-Up section fill all the details with valid details.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email.
  5. After confirmation of the email, you are ready to bang into games.

It’s easier to access CoD Mobile and other games with a single account. The gamers know the values added to this. As beginner can choose any of this.