Season 3 Call of Duty Mobile – Detailed

Since COD Mobile has been in competition to Pubg it has a huge fan face for years. Battle Pass 3 rolled out on 20th January 2020, is available to excess by gamers. Season 3 Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Season 3

With the beginning of Season 3 Call of Duty Mobile, the gamers can look around great gears and accessories, as the ramp gets higher the enhancements are clearly seen in the game. As with each new season, there is also a host of quality of gaming and game changes meant to streamline gameplay and progression.

Battle Pass will feature all rewards that players will recognize from previous entries in the series, including the FTL and Phantom from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, as well as other futuristic weapons like the Chicom, Irradiated Amethyst, or the Type 25 Geometry.

Season 3 Call of Duty Mobile

New Maps added in Season 3 Call of Duty Mobile

Scrapyard should look familiar to most players as a classic map recreation from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Cage is a brand-new map that will be added later on in the season and will challenge players with its deceptively simple design of three lanes. Since players gameplay will be enhanced and great play in this map will give a great hands on to more difficult levels.

Battle Royale will be receiving a few general map updates and a new class skill, but players will be most excited to jump into the new 20 vs. 20 modes, Warfare.

Overlook, the improvements are seen in the UI of the game as well. The players can see their rank in a single menu. All the upgrades in gameplay and UI will help make the experience more smooth and fun.

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