OnePlus is still a few months away from launching its 2020 consumer smartphones, but started the year with a concept launch at CES in Las Vega, Tao confirmed that OnePlus is looking to use the leather backplate cover design as seen on their concept phone, and apply it to a future flagship. He stated that any future usage of leather on any upcoming device will be done utilizing “environmentally friendly” materials.


-OnePlus showcased the Concept One smartphone at CES 2020
-New images now show a black prototype
-The Concept One smartphone uses electrochromic glass
– The glass also provides a practical benefit, doubling as a built-in polarising filter for the camera that allows users to achieve sharper, more finely detailed shots under strong light.

As the company had previously revealed, the rear design of the Concept One is inspired by the McLaren 720S Spider Sports car.

The OnePlus Concept One smartphone that was showcased at CES has Papaya Orange color. Now, the company has shared an early all-black prototype of the OnePlus Concept One smartphone that the company made during early development and it looks stunning.

Kevin Tao

“The company’s electrochromic glass tech is special because it can switch from invisible to visible extremely fast. It can do that in only 0.7 seconds”.

Although electrochromic glass has already been put to use in some limited applications in cars and planes, miniaturising the technology for use in phones has been the real challenge for OnePlus’s R&D team.

Tao also gave words “In future, if we intend to apply similar back design, we will look into alternate materials that can achieve the same look and feel with leather, while being more environmentally friendly and easier to keep clean in the long run.”

The company has its eyes set on incorporating more electronic elements into its material design, much like it did with the electrochromic glass back.

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