Most often we get bored with our regular works and lifestyle thus goes to party, pubs, gathering, etc. Likewise with games we can get bored and get to some other alternatives. Here are Top 3 Alternative from TU blog which will make your day. Get relaxed and hit the game :

1. Knives Out

With a huge success in Japan, Knives out is based on Battle Royal format, 100 players fly out to an island full of guns and explosion, to get to top 1st position. The reason some people prefer this game over RoS is because of its storage, which roughly comes out to be around 600 MB. That’s considerably good given that most battle royale games are over 1 GB. Graphics are a bit of underlying to the current market games. Knives Out have given good gameplay since now. Play Now

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2. Rules of Survival

In the latest version, a maximum of 300 players are allowed to compete at once on an 8×8 km map and it doesn’t get more exciting than this. Rules of Survival (RoS) is considered to be better optimised for mobile phones, especially given the more readable display buttons that enhance your gaming experience.

Also the game was under legality with Pubg over a time. The graphics are not compatible to Pubg but the experience and new map will let you to get addict to some point. Play Now


3. Last Day on Earth

The human vs survival game is set in world of apocalyptic. The zombies are out there and you need to kill as many of them till you are the last person standing. This game gives you the provision of constructing houses, hunting animals, crafting weapons for yourself –basically do anything and everything possible to survive. The graphic quality is slightly poor but given such an exciting setup, you should not be stressing a lot about it. Play Now 

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