Say hello to 5G, Coming Soon in India

Technology’s new update will be focusing on 5G technology in the near future, looking at a glance since 5 years 4G has been implemented as a great technology over the world.

According to Ookla’s 5G (20/01/2020), there are 6470 commercially available 5G deployments across the world, you would wonder how many are there in your country. We would take a glance over India adopting 5G in future

Airtel and Huawei successfully conducted India’s first 5G network trials a couple of years back, in Gurugram. With the on-going Huawei ban situation, Indian telecom operators have allegedly abandoned Huawei on 5G contracts, which might cause further delay. The expected time for 5G is the year 2023 to get into mainstream and development and will be marketable till 2025.

In 2019 the Government of India decided to hold 5G spectrum auction till early 2020. Moreover, no news has been confirmed for the case is.

The key players will be seen as Jio, Airtel, Vodafone and Idea as the development company for 5G in India.